Wednesday, 3 December 2014

POST IT portraits

With a car still half full of post it notes, we set about using them to create self portraits.  We took photographs of the pupils pulling faces.  This was to remove all the facial symbols that the children would usually rely on when drawing a face and create interest and asymmetry The students divided photographs of themselves and copied them on to the notes, using pens or pencils and using all the skills that the had gained in previous exercises.  

It's not a new lesson I have seen it done before.  But it really works so well and gives the children such confidence at a crucial time in their artistic and intellectual development .
It still amazes me to think that these children have achieved such a high standard of draftsmanship at such a young age. 

Some fun was had with some of the spare pieces too!

And some of the younger classes recreated another masterpiece, would Van Gogh have been proud too?


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