Friday, 27 April 2012


This post is for all my P7 pupils at Southmuir Primary.  They produced these fantastic paper Olympic rings.

Some of them went into another younger class today to "cascade" the lesson to them.  The school will soon be full of them!  And there will be no more card left!

If anyone else wants a copy of the lesson I can organise for the class to send it to you... lets take this lesson around the world.  Five rings for 5 continents.  


Friday, 20 April 2012


Most of my schools will be looking at the Olympics at some point this term I am no great sportsman, so this is my contribution - the Ancient Greeks - tragedy and comedy.

This term is all about 3d and sculpture.  Times are hard and resources are hard to come by, so we are starting off with card. 

Based on the theatrical masks of Ancient Greece, the class chose tragic or comedic characters.  Eyes and a mouth were cut from a folded piece of card, with the emphasis on symmetry and mood.

A second piece of card was used to make a nose and brow and glued to the face at an angle to form a realistic profile.

Hair, beards and laurel wreaths were added using curled and scored card scraps.