Thursday, 28 February 2013

Yarn Bombing - Eassie Style

A big box of wool, 4 old canvases, some old pizza boxes, and an unseasonal sunny day were the inspirations for this project.  At Eassie Primary all the children get involved, all 19 of them!

We wrapped little pieces of  pizza box cardboard (easy to cut and strong) with either Hot or Cool colours of  wool and arranged them on to our canvases.  We even had time to try our hands at Pom Pom making, quite a challenge for the 5 year olds, but not impossible.

Some of the Pom Poms never made it to the spherical stage but were added on to the collage.

 The weather was so good we decided to go out and "Yarn Bomb" the playground!  I even get paid for this!