Wednesday, 18 January 2012


At last! The recycled Totem Poles are in place at Tannadice school.  I put them up in a force 10 gale.....hope they will be there tomorrow!

The students worked in groups, to create units, from the collection of plastic junk they collected. to place together to form the larger totem pole.
The bottles, lids and units are joined together with tie-wraps.  The holes in the plastic were burned (safely) with a little soldering iron.

It was a lot of work but worth it.  I would do this again but this time be more selective with the colours of plastic that we collected.  I think the finished pieces lack colour.  perhaps the next time I'm there we will add some more coloured plastic streamers.
None of the photographs quite show the extreme contrast between the plastic figures and the miles and miles of uninterrupted farmland and hills that surround the school.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Little P6/7 project on the go last week at Tealing Primary. The brief was to design a tea-pot cover, using recycled sweaters and buttons.  They had a little help with the sewing but the designs are all there own. 

I think I will try this one again at some of my other schools, would be tricky with a full sized class of 33, but was manageable with 12!

He's my fave, he's Mexican!


Thursday, 5 January 2012


Welcome to 2012. 
Just towards the end of term,  in between Snowmen, wrapping paper, and glitter some of my         classes at Southmuir were practicing their watercolour techniques.   Wet on wet, splatter, masking tape, wax resist, washes etc etc.....

They made lots of swatches, using a whole bunch of different scrap paper, from the scrap paper bin and old books (delighted in ripping up Margaret Thatchers biography that I picked up at the charity shop......Oh! the irony).
So we turned them into little calendars.  Four squares for 4 seasons....... and the background card?   Printed with bubble wrap of course....not tired of it yet!