Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I spent far too much of my Summer holidays worrying about what angle my drawing programme should take in the new term.  8 schools, 21 classes, 575 pupils = a lot of equipment to resource and travel around with.  So my big idea need a small scale.  Post it notes, pencils and pens!  

The pupils were delighted to have small bits of paper to work on, and enthusiastically developed different textures, tones and patterns.
Some classes used pencils others biro pens. 
The idea was to display them in a block of 4 and I thought the slightly temporariness of the display would be quite appealing and a bit different.  Classroom environments are not always conducive to the sticky qualities of a post it.  Its always best to add glue!   I regularly came in to school to a snow storm of post it notes all around the room.  

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