Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Last term at school and all the budget is spent....time to get creative.  Saw this idea somewhere and thought it a good one....and it was.  Hundreds of milk cartons later, here are some examples.

Our inspiration was a London elephant parade.  
Organised to protect Asian elephants and their environment.  Fitting nicely into my environmental/recycling theme.

It also gave me an excuse to dig out the wee bits of fancy papers and shiny odds and ends that were (always) tucked away in the far recesses of all my schools, workshop and studio. Cathartic!
It did, however, involve transporting bags of smelly plastic milk cartons the length and breadth of Angus.... with the windows open.

The children just loved these projects.  There were no 2 elephants the same. Some classes wanted to write stories about their elephants, some wanted to make little animations with them.  Well worth doing.  So now I need an idea for a milk carton for next any? 

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