Friday, 7 September 2012


My older classes are at the stage where they want to make drawings with some element of realism.  This lesson ticks all the boxes.  It gives confidence and pleasure. 

I showed the class this M.C. Escher image to inspire them.  They all thought that it would be something that would be well beyond their capabilities.

I told them that I would show them how to draw a simple sphere.
The class all drew and cut a perfect circular stencil (they thought it was going to be really easy by now!) .   
The children added a linear pattern without drawing an outline.   Using the stencil to mask the paper, a perfect circle is created. They used pen and  scribbled, stroked, and  textured on the patterns. 

 Most of the pupils realised that if they drew slightly curved lines it added to the 3D illusion. 

Still with stencil over the circle, the pupils were shown how to render the tone with pencil and learned to use finger and graphite smudging to add really subtle form.

The next stage will be to make spheres using charcoal and add a shadow to create a standing form.  Watch this space for the next instalment!


  1. These are way cool! Love them! can't wait to see the coming project!

  2. An excellent lesson - your students have done a marvelous job with quite a difficult concept! I'm also looking forward to what comes next and will be following you now with great anticipation! :):)