Friday, 17 August 2012


The summer is over although many would argue that it never started at all!  
This year I have the privilege to work with some of the younger children in some of my schools.  Oh!  How I have missed the wee ones.  The chalk came out, the painting overalls went on and the drawings just kept on coming.

We looked at the art work of Joan Eardley for inspiration and in particular her drawings of the Samson children.  Joan lived in Glasgow and befriended the children that lived close by.  Her portraits of them are charming and poignant, and they have inspired many generations of artists since. 

One of the classes have added patterned clothing using found object prints. The hands and arms add an expression of joy and excitement.

Some of my other classes used oil pastels instead of chalks, a different effect, less subtle but great colour.  The class teacher will add bodies and arms to these, can't wait to see the results.


The children loved the pictures of the Samson children and watching a little video clip of the portraits in progress.

 Joan Eardley often gave the children some of her chalks to play with after they had sat for her in the studio.  The street, close and tenement where the children lived was soon decorated with their own little drawings and of course games of hopscotch.   Now I didn't need any excuse to take the children at Cortachy Primary out to the playground and do the same.




  1. I love these! I especially like the ones with all the expressionistic color! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love the combination of the patterned clothing with the expressive portraits.

  3. Beautiful. I love the chalk on black paper. These look really good grouped. I like them even better without clothes and arms.

    Rina at