Tuesday, 15 November 2011

ISLA SCHOOL blue print project

I have recently had the opportunity to work on an independent project in one of my school as an artist.  (the joys of being part time!) The project was initiated by the amalgamation of three small rural schools and the design of their spanking new, state-of-the-art school building. 

It was a huge undertaking, involving various artists, with a limited budget and a common theme - the blueprint. The children worked on various signs, symbols, stones and paths with a blue theme, which leads the viewer all through the school grounds.  They has gained inspiration from, amongst other things, the original drawings for the school, maps and the route they take to school in the morning.  Producing an abundance of items including bunting, painted stones and little books. 
I worked on these recycled suncatchers to hang on the front fence.  The children wanted to have the viewers look through the little windows that we cut on the tin foil plates where we had placed laminated sheets with wool, printed stamps, and little bits of maps etc.  Later in the year I will make a stained glass window with some of the older children to place in the school.

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