Tuesday, 23 October 2012


 We have been working  on these Escher inspired tile patterns for a few weeks now.  The complexity of the designs really surprised me, the children got so much detail in, I was worried that they would be frightened to add colour in case they obliterated it.
 My first instinct was to have the children use coloured pencil to colour a light layer on the repeated pattern, and some did.....and they looked very nice......

But then in the back of a drawer, I found "BRUSHO". ( It probably has many other names in different places)  I thought its watery qualities would be just the thing to use.......  and it was....... 


And now I can't put it down   "BRUSHO RULES!"


This talented child is only 5!


Some of me younger classes drew a spooky house first before the blew a tree shape

And they all enjoyed spraying the watercolour with the toothbrushes, although we did have a few sprayed the wrong way and had spotty faces for the rest of the day!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Purple Haze


I had a lovely day last week at Isla Primary School.   Isla Primary is a tiny rural school housed in a brand new timber framed building within a varied often remote community in the Angus hills and glens.  Very often their needs are challenging, exciting and inspiring!  

I found myself working with the children to a brief.  We had three canvases, 32 children (from 4 - 12) and a staff room that needed cheered up.   Oh, and the colour scheme was purple!

We splattered, swirled, printed splodged and spotted paint and ink on every conceivable variation of purple: mauve, lilac, heather, dark, light.   On black, purple and white paper.  Cut hundreds of circles and attached them to the canvas, adding a button on top.
Some days in my schools I am not the only specialist visiting, in fact we had an archer and a cake decorator instructing too!  
So the inspiration was easy, we created targets, or were they cup cakes?!